Come October, I will be embarking on a trip I’ve dreamed of for the last 7 years. A trip I almost took three other times, but now seems to be God’s best timing. I will join other sponsors and advocates with Compassion International in one of the most beautiful encounters anyone can ever experience…We will be meeting our dear sponsored children- our young brothers and sisters in Christ. We get the chance to see first-hand what releasing little ones from the bondage of poverty in Jesus’ name looks like. We will see their glorious, hope-filled faces, in the light of daunting times and great trials. We will see paradoxes of joy and pain, poverty and riches, east and west, young and old. May our eyes yet be open to more of the unfolding story of God’s incredible grace. I can only wonder how our hearts will be changed forever. How that moment of embracing our young Ugandan friends, our children, our sisters, our brothers, our sons & daughters, will strike our souls forever & imprint on our memories an image of love across the continents- love that was formed through letters and prayers- love that finally meets face to face…and together we will dream and dance and long for the great wedding feast when we shall all see clearly, face to face. We shall all be together on that remarkable day- that celebration long foretold. That great encounter with the King of Kings Who will wipe every tear from our faces, Who will strike poverty as gone forever, Who will feed us till we want no more, Who will make peace where there was war, Who will show mercy where we once owned pain & transgression, Who will grant victory to those who fought a hard, long fight.

I anticipate a trip of wonder, of tears, of laughter, of photos, of songs, of celebration, of an encounter with Jesus Christ, the Living God. Will you pray with me?