Caitlin Jane is Available to Speak at:

Pregnancy Center Banquets
Women’s Ministry Events & Retreats
Pro-Life Events
Schools & Universities
Christian Non-Profit Fundraisers
Church Groups
Youth Events

Invite Caitlin Jane to speak at your next event, and you will see firsthand her honest heart to serve your ministry. Her priority is to help further your mission and accomplish your vision and goals!

Caitlin Jane travels throughout the United States and speaks to large audiences of all ages and diverse backgrounds. Delivering a message of hope and authenticity, she often shares from her own personal journey while encouraging others to hold fast to faith. With Scripture as the foundation of every one of her talks, Caitlin is committed to articulating truth with a spirit of love and grace. She approaches each event with a personal touch, tailoring her talk to the specific theme of the event.

For over a decade, Caitlin Jane has poured herself into championing the sanctity of life. One of Caitlin’s greatest passions is coming alongside pregnancy resource centers as a keynote speaker to make their fundraising banquets a wonderful success, while inspiring groups with her contagious joy. She has sung and spoken at more than 80 pro-life events around the nation as an advocate for the unborn. Her message is consistently bold and beautiful—always calling her audience to courageous action while reminding hearts of the love of the Heavenly Father, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the saving redemption of Jesus Christ.

“Caitlin Jane is a gifted and talented singer/songwriter and speaker led by the Holy Spirit. She was well prepared, organized, knowledgeable, energetic and passionate. Her message was as compelling as her music. Caitlin’s knowledge of Scripture, the abortion issue and endorsement of our ministry was woven together with her personal experience resulting in a riveting message at our pregnancy center banquet. Board members, attendees, and our pastor all echoed the same sentiment: ‘The most complete message we’ve had from a banquet speaker in 34 years.’”

Rev. Dean Gavaris

Executive Director, Gateway Pregnancy Centers - Elizabeth, NJ

“Caitlin Jane’s personal story is a powerful illustration of God’s beautiful defiance of the world’s expectations. This gifted mama/warrior shares her journey through the seemingly impossible with joy, tears, music, laughter and a ton of hope. You can’t help but feel your soul soar when Caitlin speaks.”

Ryan Bomberger

Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer, Radiance Foundation

“Caitlin did a tremendous job that evening and was one of the main elements that made our banquet the success that it was. I recommend her over and over to other individuals that are in this pro life movement.”

Carrie Curtis

Director, New Beginnings Pregnancy Services - Siloam Springs, AR

“Caitlin Jane is a wonderful ambassador for the pro-life movement. If Caitlin’s own testimony of facing trials, seeing deliverance, and being blessed with God’s miraculous gifts were not enough, her passion for saving the unborn and compassion for women in crisis make her a compelling voice for Life.”

Don Wallace

Board of Directors , Sav-a-Life - Tuscaloosa, AL