Follow Believing Butterfly on an adventure through these delightful pages to learn the alphabet, along with corresponding animals and Biblical character qualities. Hide away Bible memory verses in your heart while finding the bonus-hidden letters on each page! Discover a life of faith from A to Z!

Your child will love the whimsical, colorful illustrations and be captivated by the adorable animals and alliteration. The little butterfly travels on a journey of faith from deep-sea under-water to beautiful beaches; from sky-high up-in-trees to peaceful farmland pastures; from deserts and African savannas to the Australian outback! Bring Biblical values to life in an enjoyable, exciting way for your child, while making it simple and doable for you, the parent or teacher!

Parents—we are called and commanded in Deuteronomy 11 to remember the Word of God, to teach it to our children, and to talk about the Bible throughout our daily tasks and activities. One of the most powerful ways to impart Biblical truth in the hearts of little ones is to memorize Scripture together. This book is a fantastic way to start the habit in your family or to make it more fun if you already have put Bible memory into practice! Memorize one verse every two weeks for an entire year! Each verse teaches a specific Christian virtue, such as wisdom, loyalty, mercy, obedience, and many more. Believing Butterfly: Living by Faith from A to Z is a unique and valuable tool for your home library as you help your child better understand the “why” behind Christ-like character qualities you seek to instill. Let it be a great launching pad for gospel conversations in your home, and be amazed at how young minds will retain the Word of God over time.

Editorial Reviews:

Believing Butterfly is a beautifully and whimsically illustrated ‘A, B, C’ book for young children. Each page features a letter of the alphabet along with an animal and a Scripture verse that corresponds to a Biblical character quality or principle. It used to be that young students in the United States would actually learn to read by memorizing letters and words that were associated with Biblical truths. From the very first words children could recognize, they were immersed in God’s view of the world. Caitlin’s book can help parents immerse a new generation of little ones in God’s Word and take a strong step forward in developing in them a Biblical worldview.”
-ROGER C.S. ERDVIG, Senior Director of Worldview Education at Summit Ministries; former Headmaster, Wilmington Christian School; author, Beyond Biblical Integration

“In Believing Butterfly author Caitlin Jane combines learning the alphabet with learning godly character and God’s Word in an absolutely delightful children’s book. Beautifully illustrated, each page bears the seeds of truth that will most certainly take deep root in the hearts of little lives. Mom and Dad, Grandpa and Grandma…Believing Butterfly is a treasure for the little ones in your life!”
BRUCE MARCHIANO, best-selling author, In the Footsteps of Jesus; actor, The Encounter, The Gospel According to Matthew

Believing Butterfly by Caitlin Jane is an engaging children’s book that draws the reader into discovering how the alphabet connects to biblical character traits and well-known Bible verses. These traits and verses are what I want my children to know, understand, memorize, and apply. Caitlin’s way of using the alphabet to accomplish this process is genius. Paired with BC. Luna’s beautiful, eye catchy illustrations, the reader is invited to discover something new on every page. Both as a parent and an educator, I highly recommend this book.”
ROCHELLE ANDERSON, Children’s Ministry Pastoral Assistant, Brandywine Valley Church, Delaware

Believing Butterfly is a beautifully written and illustrated book that will delight young children. On each page, they will enjoy learning alphabet letters combined with character-building words and a Bible Scripture. Caitlin Jane has created the perfect format by combining academic and spiritual learning. I highly recommend this sweet book to parents, grandparents and educators wishing to instill God’s Word into the hearts of today’s children!”
-JUDY POSEY, Retired Elementary Principal, North Little Rock, Arkansas

“As children’s book authors we are always looking for creative ways to share inspiring words with young readers. Caitlin Jane’s debut picture book, Believing Butterflynot only answers this call, but goes a step further. With gorgeous illustration and sweet animal alliteration, Caitlin passes on the inspiring Word of God to a new generation.”
-JESSIE DICICCO, author, You Can Have My Dream