Who are you? Do you feel burdened by a weight you are tired of carrying around? Do you feel alone, even when you are in a crowd of smiling faces? Do you feel unworthy and unloved even if on the outside it looks like you are surrounded by people who love you? Do you carry shame? Do you carry fear? Do you carry lies? Lies you’ve told…or maybe it’s lies that have been told to you, about you…Are there days when life seems like a never ending wheel, like you are one of those naive hampsters spinning and spinning in its cage, going nowhere…? Are you racing to get out of a cage in which you are held captive, day after day…bound by plastic walls and petty neon tunnels and caves? I’m just asking, because I think too often we pretend like that is not us. We pretend like we are free, but in actuality, it is quite obvious that we are in captivity…if we would just open our eyes.

I am realizing more than ever the significance and the saving power of what it means to be free…to live in true, authentic FREEDOM. It cannot be purchased, for it already was. This freedom cannot be found by any action of our own. We cannot run and break free. We cannot work and break free. We cannot buy and break free. We cannot hide and break free. We can only come to the Carpenter’s throne, the Man who gave his very life for our freedom, and receive this freedom as a mere gift. And when we receive it by faith, that is the moment we are set free. Free at last, free indeed. Free to live and love and be loved and dream and fail and hope and die and live again. By His wounds we are healed. We have been bought at a price and been made children of freedom…we are no longer bound by flesh. We are no longer bound by sin. We are no longer bound by death. We are no longer bound by fear. We are no longer bound by law. We are no longer bound by anyone else. We are no longer bound by ourselves. WE ARE FREE, who are in CHRIST JESUS!

If you are curious about this freedom, because you are struggling and deep inside you are craving for something to save you from this captivity… If you want truth and hope and Someone to carry you into open space where you can breathe again… I encourage you to read authors like Steve Brown, Beth Moore, Neil Anderson…These are real folks who have gone through the shadows of captivity and have been led into the glorious light of freedom. You know what is even better? Read His Story, the Carpenter’s story…the book that tells all the beautiful, odd, marvelous, colorful details of the great sacrifice that purchased our freedom. It’s been on the best-seller list for hundreds of years…it has lots of little stories woven through it about people like you and me…people who have been hurt, who have hurt others, who have made wretched mistakes, who have been through storms and fire and drama greater than the movies…and there is a current of hope that brings all those stories together, flowing from their rivulets into the great Sea of Freedom…this Holy Bible is the source of my freedom, the source of my joy, the source of my life. If you don’t know where to start…start here~Who I Am In Christ. The verses on that website are very meaningful and powerful. I dare you to look them up for yourself. Read the verses within context.

Seek freedom, for those who seek shall find.