Tonight we presented to strategic and key leaders in the community of Butuan- a small group of pastors, social workers, and teachers at various Compassion projects were invited to join us at Big Daddy restaurant, where Michelle presented another powerful talk, different from the other events which are geared more toward youth and awakening the “Gen Y”. This was a night specifically focused on the 4/14 window (you can watch the video at, to encourage men and women who are  already dedicating their lives to impacting children. Over 80% of Christ followers decide to give their lives to the Lord between the ages of 4 and 14…so why is the global church spending so little energy and resources on these precious

children? She spoke passionately about the need to reach children during these years of growth, rescue them from the abuses of the world,  root them in Christ, and release them to great opportunities!  She shared about how they are the powerful “agents of transformation”.  

Are we ready for what God has prepared for us to do? We are on the verge of something significant that is about to happen in the Kingdom…there is a great challenge, and we can play a significant role in the epic story of this age, where little ones are given a chance at hope. Can we maximize the opportunity of blessing children, and in so doing, bring beautiful glory to Christ? These are the challenges Michelle presented, and the response could be felt by the energy in the room. 

Before she spoke, I gave a mini concert! They were such a gracious audience. It was an incredible pleasure meeting these church leaders and project workers, hearing some of their stories and seeing the incredible passion in their hearts for the mission they carry out every day. Some of them have had such pain and challenges in their own lives, but are stunning overcomers by the grace and joy of the Lord. I feel so privileged to get glimmers of their stories, their deep journeys, and to see the way in which God has used their pain for glory, their ashes for beauty, their dry bones for new life…
It’s been so much fun singing two brand new songs here- “Like a Star” and “Healed”.  I hope and pray for the chance to record these in the near future, because they seem to really speak to individuals in audiences…
One of the treats tonight was meeting two beautiful LDP students. I got a chance to chat with Jonalynn for a while (in the photo with me). What a heart she has! She’s studying accounting at the local university, in her 2nd year. She’s still waiting for a sponsor, and I am praying God brings her one! This young woman shines like a star, for sure, blessing those around her and blessing her Heavenly Father!
I’m having so much fun with the girls. Charmaine has joined our team here in Butuan- she took the bus with Raf early this morning. Charmaine is one of the LDP grads in Davao, who now is back serving at her Compassion project, where she grew up! I got to hear a song today, which she wrote for her sponsor when he and his family visited last year. It was amazing! She’s a talented songwriter with a rich, powerful voice. I hope she keeps creating music and using this gift! She has a contagious smile and is such a servant leader.
Time for me to say goodnight…we’ve had an adventurous evening, post-concert…never a dull moment! Tomorrow we go to a gig at a school bright and early in the morning, then to Caraga State University later in the day!
Peace and Love,