How do I put into words the feelings that swell my soul this week?  The unexpected blessings that have poured in from strangers and friends alike…The words of extravagant kindness, the encouraging reminders of God’s promises, the deep generosity and sacrificial support from so many of you…I am simply stunned. Overwhelmed. Deluged by a flood of grace.  I don’t deserve any of it, and I am once again reminded that grace is never deserved, but a gift that we can only accept.  All of you have been such a perfect picture of God’s grace to me, and I receive it with tears, joy, and the deepest desire to carry that grace forward and share it with those whom God puts along my path during the days to come.

Last night was such a tangible expression of that grace. A picture in person of how too many of you to count have shown acts of incredible giving and goodness behind the scenes.  A beautiful snapshot of joy and glory.  My friend E held a prayer gathering in her lovely home- a little reception with her family and friends just to bless me, pray over me, and encourage me by their presence before heading out to California for surgery on December 10.  E’s vivacious, charismatic personality and genuine care brought a group of people together- many of whom I had never met- yet felt last night like I’ve known forever because of the love which they showered upon me.  A group of mostly strangers spent their hours on a Friday night to come out and just bless a girl with words of cheer, delicious food, conversation and laughter.  Dozens of people this past week have written, donated, and given deeply of themselves so that I can walk this journey not alone, but alongside the gracious souls of brothers and sisters literally from all over.  Each of you have lived out Galatians 6:2 in a way that I will never forget as long as I live.  All of this is pure grace.  “Bear (endure, carry) one another’s burdens…” the verse proclaims.  I just pray that I can live out the grace that has been given to me by God through you.

I want to leave with you 2 Corinthians 9:14-15 that speaks better what my soul feels than my own words can say…

“And they yearn for you while they pray for you, because of the surpassing measure of God’s grace (His favor and mercy and spiritual blessing which is shown forth) in you. Now thanks be to God for His Gift, [precious] beyond telling [His indescribable, inexpressible, free Gift].”

E’s house…yes I am holding a frog she gave me 😉
“Grace comes into the soul, as the morning sun into the world; 
first a dawning; then a light; 
and at last the sun in his full and excellent brightness.”
 – Thomas Adams