Today I had the joy of going to an authentic Filipino market for the first time, trying the worlds best mango, and seeing goats about to be butchered in cages stacked high. I also had the wild pleasure of riding in one of Manila’s creaky little tricycles, driven by a friendly driver- face looking shocked that a little American white girl would dare to hop in! And now experiencing the roaring thunder and million drops of rain in an evening that come with monsoon season. Good thing I bought an umbrella in Tokyo to keep me dry! (Since I tossed mine out of my bag in a frenzy of trying to make luggage under its weight limit!) I’m not so sure it will actually keep me dry at all, though! This is no ordinary rainy day back home!

Tomorrow morning, Michelle & I will leave early to visit the first of three Compassion projects while I’m here. The project is in Southeastern Quezon City, called Lifestream Ministries Student Center. Three precious boys there are waiting for sponsors and each have been on the waiting list for over 8 months. I’d like to introduce you to each of them, and I pray that God might tug on hearts so that they will receive sponsors this week. You could be the answer to Andrew, Ronwaldo, or Joshua’s prayers!
Meet Andrew! His birthday is October 10, 2003. There are 7 children in his family! He likes basketball, cars & singing. He carries water to help his family and takes care of siblings. Will you open your heart to this young boy?

Meet Joshua! There are two kids in his family. He helps his family by running errands & cleaning. His birthday is coming up! On June 30th, he’ll turn 7 years old! Look at this irresistible smile 🙂
Meet Ronwaldo! He lives with his grandfather, mom, and one sibling. His mom is a laborer. He likes playing with cars among other activities, and he helps his family by taking care of animals. He’s wearing a Giants t-shirt, haha! Any Giants fans out there? 

If God compels your heart to love and reach out to one of these handsome young boys who has so much potential for greatness, please listen to that call! You won’t regret the decision to welcome one into your life through sponsorship. The experience will be a gift for both of you. Please let me know by emailing me:, and I can set you up as his sponsor right away!