I awoke to another gorgeous layer of snow that morning. What a winter we’ve had! More snow storms in one year than I can remember for a long time! I was intentional about receiving love from God on Friday and keeping my mind and heart fixed on loving Him. I didn’t expect it to be anything big, just simply…love.  But then I was taken by surprise, to the point of tears welling in my eyes. I was not awake for more than 2 hours when I received a very direct answer to something I had been praying about for weeks. It was something that in my human mind seemed quite impossible and I was tempted to get discouraged and be put off…but I kept going to God with belief and trust on my knees, knowing His heart is good and His will is faithful.

It was the day we celebrate love…chocolates and hearts, and as my friend’s five-year-old son exclaimed, “love is all about lollipops anyway!” I wore my red, pink and periwinkle heart socks and hand-crafted pink scarf my friend made with such kindness. I baked goodies for my nieces and nephews and watched an over-rated romance movie on Valentine’s Eve that made this word’s view of love seem so complicated, selfish, and confused. But in all the clutter of snow and hearts and hugs and lollipops and romance or lack-there-of, may we never forget to wake to God’s love. To be aware of blessings, our eyes opened to His miracles and the prayers He answers. I fall into the trap of taking the little things for granted- gifts straight from the Father’s heart to His child. I want to be in a constant state of expectancy, anticipation, hope, wonder, and gratitude, to receive…

the love that casts out fear,
the love that covers a multitude of sins,
the love that came first, in order to teach us how to love,
the love that cleanses my heart,
the love that makes all things new,
the love that promises good,
the love that can never be taken away,
the love that sees beauty and dignity in every human being,
the love that infuses humility and honesty into the fabric of my soul,
the love that awakens my senses for things eternal,
the love that is never stagnant, but always causing miraculous change and growth.

I pray that the flame of the Father’s love burns within your heart, igniting miracles this cold winter season; yes, this cold that is seeming to last on and on.  I pray your heart takes on the shape of His heart, receiving the good that He desires for you and overflowing with gifts of love to those around you.