Hello blog world! I admit I am an avid journaler…but to take this step and journal for the world to see is opening up an entire new horizon in my life. Writing is my escape. Usually what I write is only for God’s eyes to see. Now what I write here is for the world to see. I was encouraged by someone close to me to start this blog, for the purpose of sharing a little of what is on my heart these days. My prayer is that the reflections I write here might possibly encourage you to see for yourself the wonder and goodness of God. Every day I am given breath, I want to live fully and intentionally look for miracles around me. We live in a rough, fast-paced, broken world. However, God is in the business of smoothing us through the storms, slowing us down to rest, and making the broken things whole again. Maybe this blog can in some way testify to God’s redemption and continual grace. Maybe it can touch one person’s heart…maybe that person is you, and you just need to be reminded that you are loved by your Creator just because you are you. Take a deep breath… and realize… there is more to living than our hurried, hurt striving. There is an eternal purpose, and your heart matters to the One who shaped it. My story is nothing extraordinary, but maybe what I write can relate to your story and can ultimately point you to the Grand story God is writing…a story of beauty, love, and victory. A story of joy through pain, adventure, and mystery. A story that never ends.