Hello Dear Faithful Friends!

It is hard to believe that almost 4 months have passed since my brain surgery.  This time away from the computer and social media has been somewhat of a sabbatical of the soul…It is not often that we are forced to rest, long and hard, in this busy life, and kept away from our constant communication with the world.  I’ve never experienced anything like this before.  My recovery, though agonizing at first, has been one of the most beautiful seasons of my life.  I have so very much to share with you all about how God has carried me through this with His grace and glory…I am truly amazed at the miracle which I’ve been living.  I cannot express my thanks for all your prayers, and for your patience as so many of you have waited to hear from me during this time. This is a journey I did not have to walk alone, because of you!  One year ago today, June 17, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  I didn’t know all that the diagnosis meant at the time, but I remember the strange wave of peace and assurance from the Holy Spirit sweeping over me when I received the call from my doctor’s office.  Looking back over the last 365 days, I am filled with overflowing joy and wonder at the extraordinary  experience this all has been.  I am reminded of one of my favorite verses in Scripture, Hebrews 10:23, which says, “Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful.” God is faithful in every season.  He is always near.  He is always our hope and our source of strength.  His love is constant and unfailing.  No matter what battles or trials we face in this life, our God is always working good in the midst of it all.  His grace is simply amazing. I could write more and more, but I made this special video a few days ago to share with you all.

Caitlin Jane

p.s. I want to thank Rachel Del Guidice, my dear friend, who continually shared updates with you all from my family and me.  She has been so helpful on this journey. As I get back into the swing of things with social media, please bear with me as it will take time to connect and communicate with everyone.  Thank you!