In just one week I will be on a plane venturing East to sing, fellowship, taste and see two beautiful cultures, and…I pray I might offer myself for 20 days to give my heart in whatever way I can to God.  Since December I have been awaiting this trip…it feels like a dream now that it is actually almost upon me! Michelle and I have prayed for over two years about this vision of touring together, where the Lord might use my voice to sing and her voice to speak, to reach people in this generation with a message of Hope. By God’s grace it is becoming a beautiful reality. I have no idea how this short trip might change me, give me eyes to see, challenge me, touch me…but I have expectations, for life is a wonderful thing when one expects from the Lord. He always gives much more than we can even ask or imagine and shows His miraculous power in stunning ways (even if it is mysterious and slow, like watching the maple tree grow in your front yard, as Pastor Bo has reminded me during his series on Ephesians!)
I know on a short term mission trip like this, there is only so much I can experience, give, and receive. I desire to be open- to hear His gentle whisper to my soul, to see Jesus in the faces of those I meet, to be awakened even more to His Kingdom come here on earth as it is in Heaven. I anticipate that I will learn much during my two weeks in the Philippines and my half of a week in Japan. Both countries continue to gain such a treasured place in my heart as I read, pray, wait, and have Skype calls with my missionary friends in these far off lands (ahh yes, modern day Skype makes nothing very far off…only an iPhone click away and I can hear their voices and see their smiling faces!) 

Above all, I am exceedingly grateful for this rare opportunity and don’t take it lightly that God has allowed and provided for me to go. I pray earnestly that I would honor Him, bless and exalt His Name, love those with whom I interact, and bring home more of a vision of God’s glorious work on this earth! Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement and support. 
If you haven’t already, take time to find out more about Made in Hope (Philippines) and The Navigators (Tokyo). These are incredible missions organizations that are impacting lives in unique ways! I’ll be blogging as often as possible while overseas, so check back! I embark on my journey June 15…and hopefully will make it home on July 4 in time for fireworks 😉
Love & Joy…