The Philippines
    In 54 days, I will be boarding an airplane…destination: Manila, The Philippines.  There I will spend two weeks (June 15-30) doing ministry with my dear friend and sister in Christ, Michelle Sheba Tolentino.  As we tour to different parts of the country, sharing hope with young women, Michelle will be speaking, and I will be singing.  We will be in Manila, Davao, and Butuan.  Our hope is to instill the truth of the value that each person has in Christ, to prevent these women from making devastating life choices and falling into the traps of trafficking and prostitution, which is all-too-common in this dark world.  If we can shed but a glimmer of Jesus’ light upon their hearts, for each one rescued by the light before darkness can take a hold- that is truly a reason to rejoice!
    (To find out more about the incredible work Michelle is doing, visit MADE IN HOPE.  She and her team are actively working to release those already caught in the bonds of trafficking, but also working on the preventative end through education, bringing the truth into the light).
    Joy wells up in my being, to know that I have this rare opportunity to take music overseas, to look into the eyes of young women, and through song, communicate their worth and dignity, because they are image-bearers of God.  I cannot wait to speak over their lives Psalm 45:11, “The King is enthralled by your beauty; Honor Him, for He is your Lord.”
   Next Stop…Tokyo, Japan.  This was an unexpected blessing.  Years ago, before I was born, my Dad gave his life to Christ in Japan when a missionary shared with him the Gospel.  Because of the seeds she planted in His heart, I have been so blessed with my parents’ legacy in Christ and being brought up in the truth.  I now have the chance to spend a few days (July 1-4) partnering with a wonderful missionary couple in Tokyo (Jason & Rachael Capp), where hopefully I can give back to this country and share Christ with others there.  Jason and Rachael are full-time missionaries with the Navigators, building relationships with college students and guiding them in the truth. They have been so gracious to welcome me this July, so I can, for a few short days, join in the Kingdom work to which they have dedicated themselves.  I will be sharing music there in Tokyo, and I pray that I can be a small blessing to those who are committing their lives to reaching the many souls who do not yet know Christ in that country (less than 1% are believers in Japan. The harvest is plenty, the workers are few…)

 CD Sales to send me off!
To cover the extensive costs of the trip, I am relying solely on CD sales. If you would like to be a part of this mission, I would be so grateful if you would support me through purchasing a CD (or a few CDs for friends!)  Both Coming Season and Ashes into Beauty are available on my website.  THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!
You can read more about my trip & the new songs I will be sharing in my previous blog…