One of my prayers is that God would open my eyes, ears, and hands daily to His miracles.  I truly believe that all around us are miracles happening on a continual basis, but in the rush of life, we miss out and don’t see the beauty that is intended to touch us. Sometimes all it takes is a voice, “look!” and we are reminded to open our eyes to a surprise, a blessing, an instant moment’s gift. Tonight, just that happened, and it was a picture of how God breaks through even the hardest ground to spring life- He will find the crack in the concrete to sprout His love! It’s amazing how in places where there seems to be no chance of life, no opportunity for growth, no soil for roots- the God of miracles can plant life and create His own unseen soil under the cement!

I was walking with my mom tonight around our little neighborhood- walking fast to make it home in time to have a Skype chat (my first time to touch base with Michelle in the Philippines since I’ve been home!) As we rounded a yard on the other side of the community, my mom pointed, “Look at that!” and there it was- a startling little blossom which had sprung right out of the pavement! It was a glorious little plant with heart shaped petals colored pink and white, verdant green leaves and tall stem.  I thought to myself, “Well isn’t God like that- to surprise us and show His love breaking through even the hardest ground, the thickest cement.  The God we serve will find that one crack to break through a sign of His love!”

Is your heart hardened and paved, settled in its ways, toughened in order to weather the tires of life running over you? Have all chances of hope’s roots dissipated, with cement thickness covering your soul? Well, my friend, even now is not too late for miracles! Are you cracked and broken?  The God of all mystery might very well find the one crack in the pavement of your life and plant a seed of hope and love that will spring forth sooner than you think.  I pray that your eyes, your ears, and your hands would be open to His surprising signs of love, and that maybe today, maybe tomorrow…your miracle will come.  Even the newest pavement, covering you as a protective instinct…or the oldest worn roads of your heart- nothing, absolutely nothing is too difficult for the Almighty One to break through and bring forth a blossom of His love! Beauty can grow in the most unlikely places, and life might just appear where there seems to be no sign of life, because the Author of life is the God of the impossible. Let His love break through today!