Give LIFE!

The Vision:
Get the UNBORN: Please Keep Me DVD into over 2,500
Pregnancy Resource Centers across the United States!

This resource has helped save precious lives and has given countless moms hope and courage in the midst of unplanned pregnancies.

The true stories on this DVD are incredibly powerful, and pregnancy centers are using it to help counsel the women they serve.

Will you GIVE LIFE and become a catalyst for hope…
by sponsoring 1 DVD to be sent to a pregnancy resource center?
Or 5 DVDs? Or 10? We need YOUR HELP!

It’s simple:
1. Purchase the DVD(s) at 
2. In the paypal special instructions memo, 
please write:“GIVE LIFE” so we know you are 
donating the purchase for a pregnancy center.

3. We take care of the rest and send it to a center in your name!
4. You will receive an email with the name of the center 
your DVD went to, so you can be praying for the workers 
and the moms who will see this life-saving video.