God has been awakening my heart recently to His heart for discipleship. Being a believer in Jesus Christ does not stop there. A relationship with Jesus Christ cannot take place in a vacuum. It is simply not static. It is a dynamic, ongoing daily walk that takes place within a community of growing, moving, and unified children of God. Discipleship is not just about learning- it is about becoming more and more like Christ, being His image-bearers and truth-carriers. Discipleship is not an option for Christians- it is the actual whole of our being. Discipleship is a life-long refining walk of transformation, as the mystery of the fellowship of Christ’s Kingdom is being unveiled to our souls. Following Christ is not something you can check off your life list…it is something that calls your very essence into surrender and passion. We must daily take up our cross and follow. We must daily be accountable to the body of Christ. We must daily worship and gaze in awe at the glory of God. We must daily turn to Jesus and fall into His magnificent grace. Becoming a disciple is a process that isn’t finished until we reached the final finish line…when our earthly journey is over and we meet our Maker face to face. Becoming a disciple cannot be done with our egocentric, independent leanings. Disciples humbly learn from fellow disciples and go out into the world inspiring and leading through serving new disciples. Discipleship can only be done with Pauls, and Timothys, and Barnabases by one’s side. We must have mentors, mentees, and running buddies along the way. Christ’s beloved church and body is comprised of the most beautifully woven patchwork of sinners saved by amazing grace, who are in desperate, daily need of the Lord and of one another.

Will you ponder this with me…

The radiant evidence of the love of God in our lives should inspire.
Humility and joyful self-sacrifice should mystify.
Forgiveness should unravel the skeptic, and purpose-filled hope should be a magnet drawing those without hope into a life-revolutionizing discovery.
Our abiding in the vine, our bearing the fruit of the Spirit, and our living in the life that is truly life creates the inspiring draw upon the souls of those without Christ.
Disciples make disciples…they cannot help but do so.”
-from the book Relentless Hope by Budijanto, Todd & Yeadon

May we take up our crosses and follow Him. May we exchange our burdens and transgressions for His grace. May we adore our Savior more and more each day. This journey with God never ceases to amaze…