Meet Morgan Burris- Miss Delaware’s Outstanding Teen.  Beauty queen.  Eyes that sparkle…but a heart that shines even brighter!  This young woman has become a friend of mine over the past few months.  We met at the Delaware Right to Life Banquet in the fall, where she sang and shared her amazing Broadway-quality voice, stunning the crowd.  We’ve also bumped into each other at other singing engagements and interviews, and her smile is not your typical beauty queen’s smile….it’s an authentic, genuine smile that goes much deeper than the surface.  I had the privilege last Thursday evening to go to her benefit event & concert for Reece’s Rainbow, where this teen shared her talents, her heart, and her passion and helped raise tremendous financial support for this ministry which places down syndrome children around the world with loving adoptive families.  Her platform is ADOPTION: A LOVING OPTION.  Morgan and her brother were both adopted as babies and her family has had eleven foster children in their home through the years.  When you meet her parents and grandparents, you can see why this young woman wears not only a crown of jewels, but a crown of inner beauty, tender compassion toward the most vulnerable, and humility that cares more for others than her own interests.  Morgan also passionately advocates and volunteers for Birthright of Delaware and Bethany Christian Adoption Services on a national level.  I just had to introduce this bright and beautiful teen to you all, because she’s someone worth knowing about, and I believe with all my heart her voice will take her to national stages, while her loving heart for Christ and for people will launch her to continue being Jesus’ hands and feet for those who have no voice and no home.  You can find out more about Morgan at or