Holy Lord Jesus,
We come with open hands.
We come with tear stained cheeks.
We come with shivering, starving souls.
We come with deep longing.
We come with all our imperfections.
We come in chaotic disarray.
We come to plea the blood.
We come to beg for mercy.
We come to find rest in our weariness.
We come to laugh in Your joyful presence.
We come to shout with praises on our chapped, war-torn lips.
We come to let You wash our feet.
We come to sing a song of simplicity.
We come to adore You.
We come to fall face down before Your golden throne.
We come to glorify you and magnify You, O Great God of Heaven.
We come to pour out love on you, because You loved us first with the fullest love.
We come to find forgiveness and freedom.
We come to taste the truth.
We come to see with open eyes, as You heal our blindness by touching us with spit and dirt.
We come to drink from the well of living water, so we will never thirst again.
We come to worship, to worship, to worship…
Let praises be always flowing from our tongues. Let the light of the glory of Christ shine in our eyes. Let our hearts burst with exceedingly lavish love. Let our feet walk in faith along the narrow way until we reach Heaven’s tide… Let us always see the shadow of the cross before us, that we may never forget the cost- for You died to give us life. You overcame the grave so that we can overcome sin and death. Jesus, precious Jesus. You are life. We await the day when we see you face to face. Until then, Spirit lead us in all power and unity and passion. We come to worship.