Holy, Holy, Holy!

I was trying to decide which hymn to write about this week, and my sweet son decided for me. He has been singing “Holy, Holy, Holy” for the past couple days, and it sure warms my mama heart. I didn’t realize how many of the lyrics he had memorized from … Read the rest

He Leadeth Me

It was July of 2015.  Jamie was finishing his first round of chemotherapy, starting to feel the wind knocked out of him as his strength was waning.  His brother and 1 ½ year old nephew came up from Arkansas for a visit, which was a big
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Nothing but the Blood

One of the reasons I love hymns so much is the rich theology found in the lyrics. It is good, as the psalmist reminds us in Psalm 96, to sing a new song unto the Lord, but it is also good to remember the heritage from which we have come
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Blessed Assurance

Fanny Jane Crosby- she has always been one of my heroes and favorite hymn writers. Not just because we share a middle name and we are both female songwriters, but because of the depth of her lyric writing and the passion of her faith. Another reason she has continually inspired Read the rest