Tomorrow night I’ll be finishing my fall “tour” in Virginia Beach. I put tour in quotes because as an independent artist focused on ministry, I don’t go on typical tours 😉 My husband has a normal job during the week and we have an 11 month awesome, little, wild man at home- being a mom is my full-time 24/7 job. We don’t have a tour bus or a record company sponsoring events or marketing for us. We have a sweet 2005 Honda Odyssey  that perfectly fits all our baby gear, music gear, and the overwhelming amount of things I like to pack. We are blessed. We drive when concerts and events are within a few hours, but often times God unexpectedly leads us to different parts of the country with opportunities to share music and share our testimony.

This fall has been filled with adventures near and far. We have met incredible people. We have been blessed to see God at work in different cities and different states, and we especially love championing the work of pregnancy centers and right to life groups (what greater time than during fall 40 Days for Life?)  After my brain surgery, I questioned whether I would be able to sing again. I just didn’t know…I didn’t know what the future would look like. My recovery was long and hard. And in the middle of that, Jamie got cancer and had his own recovery. Little did I know where God would take us and what He would do.

The first song I sang after surgery was in church- “Holy, Holy, Holy.” How incredible that now I am preparing to record a hymns album in 2018. I was amazed, as well, in the recording studio when my Grammy award-winning producer, Glenn Barratt, looked at me with this profound look as I did the vocals for “Beautiful Mess” and said, “Caitlin, I don’t know what happened during surgery, but your voice is stronger than it ever was before.” I do know what happened, God miraculously spared and blessed those vocal chords, because the tumor was only millimeters away from destroying the nerve that controls the vocal chords, and God guided the hand of my surgeon, Dr. Shahinian, to not only protect my life but also preserve my voice miraculously.
I cannot keep from giving God the glory. This voice He’s given me is His alone. I will praise Him until my dying day, and I will sing of His great name above all names, Jesus. My Savior, Redeemer, Giver of Life, Lord.

So we wrap up our unconventional, unique fall “tour” in Virginia Beach tomorrow…and then we spend a week with family giving thanks. Soon we will enter into advent season, where we take time to be still and reflect on the coming of Emmanuel- past (in a stable in Bethlehem), present (in our hearts) and future (when He comes to reign in glory). I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to sing Christmas carols and speak to groups at concerts, women’s events, Bible studies, and churches next month. I want to treasure this season of the holidays before rushing into 2018. I know God has big plans for next year- He has big plans for each of us every year- but it is so important to treasure today and seek Him in what He is doing at this very moment. 

May you seek Him and find Him in the details of your everyday adventures.  May you find countless reasons to give thanks and give praise.  May your heart be captured anew by the wonder of Advent around the corner.  

p.s.  Below are the lyrics to the worship song by Hillsong Young & Free- “End of Days”.  This song is one of my favorites!
You came to earth that You created
You walked beneath the stars You named
You came from heaven holding freedom
Jesus Christ the Lord our God

You authored life and wrote Yourself in
You dwelt in time that You designed
Creator lived in His creation
Completely man completely God

I’m gonna sing until my voice won’t let me
As thunders roar I’ll shout Your praise
You’re the God of everlasting wonder
Your love outlasts the end of days

I’ll lift Your Name higher and higher
I’ll sing Your praise louder and louder
Your love goes deeper and deeper

You reign forever and ever